Why you should Travel

Photo by @doyoutravel

Humans naturally want to be happy and travelling does exactly this. It is proven that when you travel it increases your well being and self confidence, making you a happy person. But as individuals we generally delay our happiness. We rush about day today for the purpose of a career. We live in a society where we believe that if we have money  we will be happy. Money and success becomes an obsession. In general the more material items and money we have, the more we want to gain. Its a cycle that drains our happiness. Happiness should be considered as an exploration and journey instead of a destination.

But when you travel you break this cycle. You gain new experiences, meet new people. You don’t follow guides, you are independent and go your way. You will make mistakes but they will make you a better person, and help adapt you.
Screen Shot 2016-12-31 at 12.33.42.png

Immerse yourself within foreign culture, people and food. You will become infected by the happiness of locals. You will make new friends.2015-03-20-1426853669-9358542-Monks.jpg

When travelling you are constantly learning things wether its cooking, language or just general knowledge. This makes our brains more active and makes us happy.36628548-wallpapers-craft.jpg

Travelling is about new experiences. Recalling on memories made which sustains a feeling of contentment. The effects of travelling are long term, as it can change you personality, as you have gained memories and personal skills.


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