The majority of the maltese coastline is rocks, which some may enjoy relaxing on; but there are a few nice isolated beaches. Below are my two favourite beaches. Imgiebah Mgiebah bay is an isolated paradise, by this I mean turquoise clear sea, fiery orange sand and bright green grass. Secondly Għajn Tuffieħa is also a picturesque location. Although it may be slightly more busy, it is still a great place to relax and chill.


Imgiebah Mgiebah bay


Għajn Tuffieħa

If you choose to travel to Malta you have to visit Valletta, ‘The Fortress City’ and Citta’ Umilissima, “a city built by gentlemen for gentlemen”. Valletta is the maltese capital. Valletta is generously rich in sites to explore, as there are alluring historical buildings around every corner. The baroque architectural, narrow streets are dotted by green terrace/balconies to engulf you into the cities atmosphere. Every street you are able to find art, music, e hotels, secretive restaurants and bar and much more.


The best place in the city to relax and read is Upper Barrakka Gardens. It is a gem at the edge of Valletta overlooking the grand harbour.


St John’s Cathedral & museum are sites that must be seen, this elaborately adorned church is home to masterpieces by Caravaggio and Mattia Preti. Excluding the Baroque churches valletta is contains other places of interest include the various grandmaster auberges, piazzas & museums.


The island is home to endless, amazing Italian restraunts and wonderful hotels. If you choose to stay and visit I recommend using ‘Air bnb‘ as you are able to find great villas, apartments and town houses to stay in!


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