Must See – Beyond Caravaggio

I Have recently visited the National Gallery to look at the Caravaggio exhibition. I was intrigued by the layout of it all as the show puts a number of his works in relation and contrast to a group of paintings that his friends or imitators had done in the seventeenth century in Italy. When  you enter it starts of with his early works and then moves onto his ‘star’ painting- ‘The Taking of Christ’. The painting is a sinister beauty depicting Judas betraying Jesus. The mass of white and red in the painting sets an evil tone. Caravaggio’s renaissance art, gives him his violent and murderous reputation.


The taking of christ – Caravaggio

Caravaggio was the celebrity of the seventeenth century in Italy. His painting had such a high demand as all desired them. This was due to the fact that his art was a turning point from previous paintings. He had a new style that many desired, therefore he found that many people imitated this. Throughout the gallery these friends and Immolators are outshone by the grandness of Caravaggio’s original work.

The exhibition is on in Trafalgar Square, Until Sunday January 15 2017. Here is the link to book tickets.

Below is a short video done by the national gallery about it.


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