Profile: Anila Agha

Anila Quayyum Agha was born in Pakistan but currently lives in the U.S. Agha works in a cross disciplinary fashion with mixed media; creating artwork that explores global politics, cultural multiplicity, mass media, and social and gender roles in our current cultural and global scenario. As a result her artwork is theoretically challenging, producing complicated weaves of thought, artistic action and social experience. Murmuration+II.jpeg

Murmuration II

My favourite piece is Anila’s installation entitled, “intersections”  which is inspired by the vast patterns found within mosques. She believes that mosques could offer a public space to enhance creativity for woman, but due to culture, woman are restricted. Taking the world of creativity that had been snatched away from her, she formed this piece.


The shadows change the environment into a mosque like space, which encompasses the whole room. The object is made from wood and the patterns were cut using a laser cutter. Agha uses a strong 600watt light to create sharp shadows. I liked how a small object had such a grand presence.

She is able to recreate the architectural space of a mosque by using vast shadows. This way all beings are able to experience the inspiring creativity. The light “tatooes” shadows onto bodies, to engulf the viewer.Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 13.57.36.png

Here is the link to her website.


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