Profile- Terry Richardson

Terry Richardson has been one of the most controversial photographers yet. He has revolutionised how fashion and photography is portrayed. His erotic & daring snaps are memorable, even if you dislike his style. His ‘snap- shot’ style influences many current photographers of today.


Terry grew up in Hollywood, Los Angeles, where he attended high school and performed in his rock band. He had many interests which led him to take photography at high school. Although he was shy and quite he felt as if he could express his true creativity within his photographs.


When he was young he had a tough upbringing. His mother was an actress and his father  a photographer, addicted to drugs. His father had schizophrenia due to drug abuse, this led his mother and father to get divorced. In LA he documented the ‘unseen street life’ where he would capture young teens partying and messing about.1996details08shorething8@2x (1).jpg

Terry’s mom got him a job as a photography assistant with Tony Kent, who was a well- a well known photographer in his time. In this assistant job Terry learned how to take pictures of his surroundings and people. He was snapping pictures of some of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood. Some of them included Leonardo DiCaprio, Lindsay Lohan, Mickey Rourke and others.


He began doing campaigns for major fashion brands. Gucci, Supreme, Hugo Boss and the list goes on. He also shot for well known magazines: Rolling Stones, I-D, Vogue…


I hope you enjoyed this article.


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