Yung Lean to Lil Peep – The rise of sad rap

In 2013 when Yung Lean dropped ‘Unknown Death 2002’ which included one of his most renowned songs ‘Hurt’ the genre sad rap was really born. Since then, theres been a massive influx of artists getting involved such as Bladee and lil peep. Most of sad rap features on only the internet and doesn’t tend to be recorded in studios unless the you’re Yung Lean, this is because it originates from artists who want to make their own music which isn’t specifically conventional to the rap stereotype. As everything is done on a more low-key level the actual lyrics also don’t tend to be professionally done which is one of the main reasons why Noisey was questioning if Lil peep’s music was ‘brilliant or stupid as shit’.


Lil peep is a twenty year old artist from the USA. He claims all his tracks are recorded in his apartment using garage band even though some of his songs on sound cloud like ‘i crash u crash’ and ‘giving girls cocaine’ racking up way over half a million plays on Soundcloud. Lil peep was also been interviewed by Noisey in December 2016 and has released a clothing brand ¬†and a collaboration with his girlfriend Layla- @toopoor.


The most talked about topics in sad rap usually relate to depression, sex, and drugs. Combined with the electronic and alternative rock sounds it pulls together for a really tight track. That being said sad rap is not for everyone, try it and keep an open mind.



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